Ms. Kimi selects a bath brush as her spanking implement instead of the two hairbrushes or paddle.

I'm Ms. Kimi, a professional Disciplinarian, Mommy to adult babies, Producer of fetish clips, Service Top, Female Led Relationship Coach and 100% Spanko. I am kind, loving & fair. I can be very strict but some of my clients bring out a playful side in me. I truly enjoy sessions that play out as organically as possible. That doesn't mean we can't roleplay but I don't enjoy completely scripted scenes.

I became interested in spanking as a child, around the age of five, smacking friends on the bottom when we'd play. I observed friends parents spanking them and always had a hard time looking away but didn't want to seem "weird" by staring. As a teenager, I would babysit and occasionally needed to discipline. Much to my surprise, I enjoyed having to place someone in timeout or corner time. One family I babysat for gave me permission to spank. I only did so once, finding the power and control exhilarating.

Punishing the babysitter with a leather strap. Purchase The Babysitter Gets It by clicking

In 2010, I did a brief stint on a popular Spanking website as a Guest Spanker. I found I very much enjoyed myself, deciding to learn more and apply what I've learned into creating a domestic experience that you will never forget.

I have now spanked hundreds of naughty bottoms and it never gets old. I own a large collection of spanking implements and find it difficult not to buy more when I happen upon them. I can't choose a favorite, I think I love them all! I get very excited when people gift me implements. As far as positions go, OTK would be my #1, but it's difficult to choose. 

Each person has their own story and recollections of when they knew they were interested in spanking, the above is a brief synopsis of mine and my journey. What you want from your session may or may not fit with me. I offer a judgement free zone. That being said, I don't accept everyone who wants to see me. If I feel that I am not a good match for you, I will tell you. Please accept my decision with grace. 

Hearing your story and desires, then using that to craft a unique session with you is very fulfilling. I will be getting to know you through email before our session together. The more information you share with me, the better your session will be. I am happy to give you a quick call to chat about your session, AFTER I have received your deposit and your session is booked.

If you would like to speak to me any other time, please feel free to schedule an appointment so we can speak on NiteFlirt at 1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 9544-179. You may also text me on NiteFlirt, no appointment required.